Bursary Essay

Bursary Essay

This essay competition is related to how interesting your idea is related to “Sustainable Energy” and reasons why you do want to attend the ICEED 2018 Conference.

Terms and Condition:

  • Period of Competition:
    • The registration period of bursary essay starts from April, 11th 2018 until June, 30th 2018
    • Essay Submission Deadline is on July, 15th 2018 at 23:59 (West Indonesian Time) via email
    • The best selected essays (maximum 3 essays) will have free entrance ticket to ICEED 2018 Conference on September, 5th 2018 at BINUS University Alam Sutera Campus
  • General requirements:
    • Participant is active college student or high school student in various educational institutions
    • Competition only can be followed individually
    • The best selected essays (maximum 3 essays) will have free entrance ticket to ICEED 2018 Conference on September, 5th 2018
    • The essay should relate to “Sustainable Energy” and give the statement about why and how much the participant want to enter the conference
    • Attach the participant’s identity (Name and University Name) at the lower right corner of the essay
    • A4 paper size is sent in .docx and .pdf format along with the identity of the participant to iceedbinus2018@gmail.com
  • Special conditions:
    • Participant shall ensure that the work included is original and the content has not been published
  • The Essay Criteria:
    • The type of essay is a descriptive essay
    • The theme of the essay is ‘Sustainable Energy’
    • The essay must be written in English
    • Interesting, clear, effective and creative
  • Assessment criteria:
    • Originality of Work and conformity of work with theme
    • The creativity, and way of delivering the messages and reasons
    • The essay is easily understandable
    • The format of the essay:
      • Minimum page : 2 pages + 1 cover
      • Maximum page : 5 pages + 1 cover
      • Font : Times New Roman
      • Font size : 12 for the essay and 16 for the title
      • Line spacing : 1.5 lines

Link to participate in Bursary Essay:

Link: http://bit.ly/ICEED2018-PosterandBursaryEssay


Please submit your essay  in A4 paper size in the form of .docx and .pdf format with your identity (affiliation) of the participants to iceedbinus2018@gmail.com

Registration fee to join the Bursary Essay

The Registration fee is FREE.

Important Dates:

Open Registration                                 : April, 11th 2018

Closed Registration                              : June, 30th 2018

Content Submission Deadline         : July, 15th 2018

Top Five Announcements                  : August, 15th 2018

ICEED Conference                                : September, 5th 2018

Vote and Winner Announcement   : September, 6th 2018



For more information, please contact:

Whatsapp : @dug6736b

Email : iceedbinus2018@gmail.com