Topics of Interest

Sustainable Infrastructure and Transportation, Energy, Water and Renewable Energy

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Management
  • Green Infrastructure Economic Framework, Policy in Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Eco-Hydraulic, Sustainable Water Management and Water Supply
  • Water Energy and Sustainable Water Resources Management
  • Disaster Management and Climate Change
  • Ecological Treatment System for Wastewater
  • Sustainable Transportation, Smart Logistics, Eco-Transports
  • Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
  • Sustainable Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
  • Integrated Coastal Zones Management, Sustainable Coastal Protection
  • Restoration and Construction of Ecosystems
  • Eco-Engineering and Energy Solutions, Eco-infrastructure Applications
  • Energy Efficiency and Management in Industry 4.0


Sustainable Industry and Green Manufacturing

  • Natural and Bio-Energy Resources
  • Sustainable Industrial Systems
  • Green Manufacturing Systems 
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Industrial Policy and Sustainable Development
  • Financial Strategy of Green Industries
  • BIM for Sustainable and Development

Sustainable Architecture

  • Sustainable Development, Sustainability in Architecture
  • Livable Eco-Architecture, Eco-Architecture Design             
  • Eco Building Material and Construction  
  • Application of Reusable Materials
  • Sustainable Design Statement and Policy

Integrated of Smart Computing and Communication

  • Green Data Centers
  • Application of Smart and Green Sensors and Sensing Technologies
  • Secure and Reliable Cloud Computing Service and Applications
  • Sustainable Computing and Communication
  • Wireless System and Network
  • Sensor network
  • Integration of Smart Appliances
  • Smart Homes, Smart Devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT) for Eco-engineering Development
  • E-health Application and Solution
  • Computers, Communications and Public Policy
  • Impact of Computing on Economy
  • Law and the Information Technology

Green Food Technology

  • Sustainable Food Supply Chains, Food Biotechnology and Bio-Processing
  • Eco-friendly Food Packaging, Energy-efficient Food Production Systems 
  • Green Technologies in Food Production and Processing
  • Food Security and Improved Nutrition
  • Bioactive Compounds and Functional Foods
  • Financing Green Food Technology
  • Green Food Technology-risk Analysis and Regulatory