Topic of Interest 1

The 6th International Conference on Eco Engineering Development 2022 (6th ICEED 2022) brings the theme of “Towards Eco Future Engineering: Research, Analysis and Resolution on Environmental Development Through Innovative Technology, Green Infrastructure, Planning, and Design.” We believe that to attain comprehensive immaculate eco-engineering needs a solid interdisciplinary R&D collaboration through innovative technology, green infrastructure, planning, and design.

Concerning the theme of the 6th ICEED 2022, it opens any research in the following topic of
interest, but are not limited:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Management and Technology
  • Eco-Architecture Planning and Design
  • Innovative Food Technology

All accepted and presented papers will be submitted for publication in the IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (SCOPUS indexed proceedings)

Sustainable Infrastructure Management and Technology
Subtopics :
  1. Sustainable infrastructure management and, Virtual Environmental Planning and Management System
  2. Eco hydraulic, sustainable water management and water supply
  3. Ecological treatment system for wastewater
  4. Sustainable transportation management
  5. Sustainable structural engineering
  6. Environmental Sustainability in Digital Transformation
  7. Sustainable Geotechnical engineering
  8. Integrated coastal zones management
  9. Water energy and sustainable water resources management
  10. Energy efficiency and management in Industry 4.0
  11. Sustainable energy and environment
  12. Green infrastructure economic framework
  13. Policy in sustainable infrastructure
  14. Health, safety, and environmental management in construction project
Eco-Architecture Planning and Design
Subtopics :
  1. Building material and construction.
  2. Digital architecture (relate to Earth and Environment aspects.
  3. Eco-architecture design.
  4. Green architecture and environment.
  5. Innovative architectural design (relate to Earth and Environment aspects).
Innovative Food Technology
Subtopics :
  1. Food Innovation
  2. Food biotechnology and bio-processing
  3. Eco-friendly food packaging
  4. Green technologies in food production and processing
  5. Food Security and Improved Nutrition
  6. Bioactive Compounds and Functional Foods