• Please submit your manuscript in .doc or .docx electronically to
  • Click here to see (TBA),
  • The original manuscript that has not been published elsewhere should contain 5-10 pages, including title, abstract, keywords, the main text (eg. Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion and Conclusion), acknowledgements (optional) and references.
  • To ensure your research aligns with the global sustainability agenda, consider incorporating relevant SDG keywords in the following sections of your paper:
    1. Title: Briefly mention a relevant SDG in the title to grab attention and clearly indicate the paper’s contribution to the broader goals.
    2. Abstract: Summarize the connection between your research and specific SDGs within the abstract.
      Keywords: Include relevant SDG keywords alongside other essential keywords to improve discoverability for researchers and stakeholders interested in specific SDGs.
    3. Additional Resources: Utilize the list of SDG Research Publication Keywords offered by BINUS University:
      By incorporating relevant SDG keywords, you enhance the visibility and impact of your research within the context of the global Sustainable Development Goals.