Topic of Interest 2

The 6th International Conference on Eco Engineering Development 2022 (6th ICEED 2022) brings the theme of “Towards Eco Future Engineering: Research, Analysis and Resolution on Environmental Development Through Innovative Technology, Green Infrastructure, Planning, and Design.” We believe that to attain comprehensive immaculate eco-engineering needs a solid interdisciplinary R&D collaboration through innovative technology, green infrastructure, planning, and design.

Concerning the theme of the 6th ICEED 2022, it opens any research in the following topics of interest, but are not limited:

  • Eco-Architecture Planning and Design
  • Industrial Digital and its Transformation
  • Smart Computing and Communication
Eco-Architecture Planning and Design
Subtopics :
  1. Architecture and Environment.
  2. Eco-friendly architecture.
  3. Livable eco-architecture.
  4. Sustainable human environment.
  5. Sustainable development in architecture.
Industrial Digital and its Transformation

Subtopics :

  1. Product life-cycle  management
  2. Supply chain connectivity
  3. Part taxonomy
  4. Usability Engineering
  5. Additive manufacturing
  6. Industrial digital transformation
  7. Industrial metaverse
  8. Industrial data science and engineering
  9. Natural and bio-energy resources
  10. Sustainable industrial systems
  11. Advanced manufacturing systems
  12. Human factors engineering
  13. Smart manufacturing
  14. Green supply chain management
  15. Industrial safety behavior
  16. Smart warehouse management
  17. Sustainable and renewable energy
Smart Computing and Communication
Subtopics :
  1. Internet of things.
  2. Edge computing.
  3. Cloud computing.
  4. Smart devices.
  5. Wearable devices.
  6. Wireless system.
  7. Cyber security.
  8. Computer network.
  9. Mobile application technology
  10. Mobile robotics.
  11. Industrial automation.
  12. Artificial intelligence.
  13. Computer vision.
  14. Natural language processing.
  15. Digital farming.
  16. Renewable energy.
  17. Application of computer science and engineering.